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India News: Bad weather suspends air operations in Uttarakhand

India News: Air operations to rescue stranded people in flood-hit Uttarakhand have been suspended due to overcast conditions but the ground operations are on, I...

India News : Evacuations continue in Uttarakhand despite of bad weather

India News : After an initial delay due to unfavourable weather conditions, rescue work in Badrinath area of flood-hit Uttarakhand resumed on Saturday, and near...

India News: Weather becomes a major barrier for rescue operations in Uttarakhand

India News: Rescue choppers are conducting a series of sorties in Uttarakhand after operations were suspended this morning due to bad weather. Nearly 22,000 are...

India News : Uttarakhand Floods - Weather halts rescue operations

India News: Bad weather is likely to continue in Uttarakhand on Tuesday, affecting rescue operations. The Met department has warned of more rains over the n...

India News : Uttarakhand Flood 2013, bad weather spoils rescue operations

India News: Minister of Home affairs Sushil kumar Shinde said, "though weather is an obstruction in rescue operation, but Rescue operation is going through by k...

Uttarakhand Rain Weather Updates- Heavy Rain Alert In Uttarakhand

प्राप्त जानकारी के अनुसार, आज प्रात: 06.45 बजे पूर्व ग्राम प्रधान छरबा ने सूचना दी कि ग्राम छरबा में गुरुद्वारे के पास शीतला नदी का रास्ते मे रपटा पर अधिक पानी ...

Top news of the hour May 9

Top news of the hour May 9

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Top news 1 may 9

India Top News May 9

India Top News May 9

Uttarakhand: घाटी से लेकर पहाड़ों तक जमी बर्फ, 6 डिग्री पंहुचा तापमान

उत्तराखंड के हर्षिल में लगातार बर्फबारी जारी है । पूरा हर्षिल सफेद चादर में ढक चुका है । पारा माइनस 6 डिग्री तक पहुंच चुका है । पहाड़ों पर हो रही बर्फबारी का पर...

ITBP Commandos undergo training in -15 degree weather in Uttarakhand

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) commandos conducted training in minus 15 degree Celsius temperature at Uttarakhand’s Chamoli. The training included martia...

हिंदुस्तान में कुदरत का अनोखा बर्फीला खेल, Kashmir से Himachal तक बर्फ का देखिये हवाई हमला

हिंदुस्तान समेत दुनिया भर के कई देश इन दिनों भीषण ठंड की चपेट में हैं ठंड कहर बरपा रही है पारा माइनस में हाहाकार मचा रहा है आसमान से बर्फ आफत बन कर गिर रही है आ...

Uttarakhand Flood Bad weather hampers rescue operations

Uttarakhand Flood Bad weather hampers rescue operations

Uttarakhand Flood: Weather again plays spoilsport in rescue operation

India News: Fresh spells of rain and landslides at a number of places including the higher reaches of Pauri, Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts hit rescue operat...

Uttarakhand Flood: Weather plays role of "villain" in rescue mission

India News: Situation in Uttarakhand unfortunately continues to reach the worst stage. Due to bad weather, rescue operation is not able to carry out in a fully ...

Uttarakhand Flood: Bad weather majorly hits rescue operations

NewsX: Bad news continues for over 10,000 trapped in Uttarakhand... with bad weather already affecting relief work.The MeT department has warned of adverse wea...

Uttarakhand Flood: Rescue operation will continue despite bad weather

India News: Bad weather continues its effect on rescue operation in Uttarakhand, as choppers are not able to function properly in rain. India News correspon...

Uttarakhand Kedarnath flood 2013: Bad weather all set to hit rescue operations

NewsX: The press Information bureau addressed the media today, updating with the latest on the rescue efforts carried out through the day across various locatio...

Uttarakhand Flood : ITBP rescued 250 people despite of bad weather

India News: Despite of bad weather in Uttarakhand, due to which rescue operations were affected throughout the day, but ITBP team were seems much confident. The...

Uttarakhand: Bad weather again mounts danger

India News : Inclement weather badly hampered removal of debris at Kedarnath on Friday besides affecting distribution of relief in over 200 segregated villages ...
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