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Wheel of Fortune (April 24, 1989): Sue/Susan/Vince

Here is an April 1989 syndicated episode of Wheel of Fortune. We have lots of expensive prizes up for grabs today. Can our players win any of them? Co...

Wheel of Fortune (October 23, 1989): Michelle/Shelly/Diane

Here is another October 1989 syndicated episode of Wheel of Fortune. As the show begins a new week, returning champion Diane hopes to finish her run in sty...

Wheel of Fortune (October 20, 1989): Alan/Steve/Diane

Here is an October 1989 syndicated episode of Wheel of Fortune. As we wrap up the week, Diane hopes to add to the $42,338 she won on yesterday's show. Can ...

Wheel of Fortune (October 19, 1989): Susan/Diane/Helen

Here is an October 1989 syndicated episode of Wheel of Fortune. Susan had a massive haul yesterday, piling up $62,286 in cash and prizes. Can she repeat as...

Wheel Of Fortune Syndication 1989 #1


Wheel of Fortune (1989): Renee/Carol/Damon

Here is a 1989 syndicated episode of Wheel of Fortune. The episode is most noteworthy for being the first aired nighttime episode with Charlie O'Donnell ba...

Wheel of Fortune (1989) - Susan/Diane/Helen


Wheel of Fortune (December 1989) Steve/Tom/Gary Lee

Here is a 1989 episode of Wheel of Fortune, in which Tom is the returning champion with almost $70,000 in cash and prizes. Will he win more, or will Steve or Ga...

(Daytime) Wheel Of Fortune | 7/17/1989 Faye/Rick/Lu (Bob Goen's first show)

The Wheel has moved to CBS! but poor Rolf didn't come along now Bob Goen is the host witch one of today's Contestants will win all the loot oh and a c...

TF1 - 4 Décembre 1989 - Bandes annonces + Début "La roue de la fortune" + Publicités

TF1, 4 Décembre 1989 : - Teaser "Marie Pervenche" - Début "La Roue de la Fortune" (Christian Morin) - Publicités - Teaser "Santé A La Une"

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Wheel Of Fortune : College Week 1989

an episode from WOF 89

Wheel of Fortune January 18, 1989

Original airdate January 18, 1989

Wheel of Fortune- January 13, 1989 (Kathy/Keren/Rhonda, daytime)

Sorry for the Here is the fourth episode from Rolf Benirschke's hosting stunt during the final months of the shopping era.

TF1 - 9 Novembre 1989 - Bande annonce + Début "La Roue de la Fortune"

TF1, 9 Novembre 1989 : - Générique de fin "Santa Barbara" - Teaser "Futur's" - Début "La Roue de la Fortune" (Christian Morin)

Wheel of Fortune January 18, 1989 Lisa / Steve / Candy

Show which originally aired on January 18, 1989 and was repeated years later.

Doctor Who Classic Series (1963-1989) The Wheel Of Fortune-Doktor Kim Klasik Serisi 2.Sezon 24.Bölüm

Doctor Who (Türkçe anlamıyla Doktor Kim) BBC yapımı İngiliz bilim kurgu televizyon dizisidir. Dizi; Doktor olarak bilinen, zamanda yolculuk yapan insansı Dünya ...

Wheel of Fortune UK (1989)

Aired August 7, 2018 at 7:30AM UK Time Contestants: Jill/Michelle/Steve

Wheel of Fortune 89 7th Season Premiere 9/7/1989

This is Wheel of Fortune from the 7th season Premiere from September 1989 (c) 1989 Califon Productions All Rights Reserved. No Infringement intended

Wheel Of Fortune 1989 Hosted By John Burgess

Wheel Of Fortune 1989 Hosted By John Burgess
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