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Tibetans celebrate Dalai Lama's birthday as he turns 84

Hundreds of people joined the Dala Lama in the Indian city of Dharamsala to celebrate his 84th birthday.

What are some fun facts about Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday of the year in China. It is so important that Chinese people are off work for an entire week to return to their ....

New York: Schools teaching the homeless


ABC Alphabet Song for Children - ABC Nursery Rhymes


Schools in New York teaching the homeless

Many schools in the United States are teaching an increasing number of children who are homeless.

Teaching children English language

Teaching children English language

Teaching action words/pantomiming to your Japanese students

Free training video for beginner English teachers who plan on teaching in Japan. Tips on how to teach Japanese kids.


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Taiwan Changes in the Last Decade

Talking about life in Asia as an English teacher over the last 13 years or so.

Russia's soft power: Moscow seeks to influence Afghans

From Russia with love. Moscow uses soft power to once again get a foothold in Afghanistan.

Sri Lankans on English - Social Experiment - SL Diaries

More on Sun - Ray : #ashenvlogs #SociallyPoliticallySriLankan #sldiarieslk #ashen_s SL Diaries Ashen's Instagram : Ashen's Facebook : Tea...

Teaching English numbers to Japanese kids

In this video, I show how to English teach numbers to Japanese kids. Learn by watching my technique.

Using props/toys

In this training video, I'll show you how break the ice with your shy students. I'll be using props/toys that will help facilitate English learning.

Magic for your classroom lessons

Magic for your classroom lessons! In this video I show two easy magic tricks that you can do in your lessons. I really think that by doing some magic breaks...

Learn Chinese Language Basic Date

‘Global Languages’ is an initiative that aims at showcasing top quality basic language training modules for audience who can speak and understand Urdu. These ar...

Teaching months of the year to Japanese kids.

Free training video for beginner English teachers who plan on teaching in Japan. Tips on how to teach Japanese kids.

TEFL / TESOL Course in Leipzig, Germany | Teach & Live abroad!

ITTT's Germany TEFL course takes place in the delightful city of Leipzig. Goethe described Leipzig as, "A little Paris that educates its people." So, whilst tak...

How to teach basic English expressions to Japanese kids.

Free training video for beginner English teachers who plan on teaching in Japan. Tips on how to teach Japanese kids.

Should You Teach English in China?

by China Uncensored
Should you teach English in China? Some say the risks are greater than the rewards. YouTube demonetizes our channels! We need your support!!


by Lauren Without Fear
I'm an American woman who lived in Nanjing, China in 2016 and became a volunteer teacher to a small, unstructured class of five 5 year old Chinese kids at ...

Teaching English in China

by bradley invierno
Teaching Demo: Targets: SING, DANCE, SLEEP, COUNT.

Why You Should (Not) Teach English In China

by Monkey Abroad
On the fence about teaching English in China? This video is my personal opinion on why you should, and should NOT, teach English overseas. I taught English ...

15 Reasons Why You Should Teach English In China

by Nico
As I've been living in China for a few years I thought it would be useful to share some tips. I originally moved to China to teach English although my role has no ...


by Anthony Ward
DISCLAIMER: Throughout the video you see the kids on their break. The real lesson is at the end of the video. A lot of you are thinking that their playtime is a ...

Teaching English In China: Requirements |South African Youtuber

by Awande Mchunu
Hey guys!!! Welcome to my channel... My name is Awande Mchunu and I have been an English teacher in China for the past six months. Since moving here I ...

My Salary in China Teaching English in 2019

by BenTeachesEnglishOverseas
There are some contracts for English teachers China right now that are fantastic. There are tons and tons that suck. Did I come back for 10000 RMB a month?


by Leave To Live
China is not quite on top of everyone's travelling list. But those who have done their research will find that the benefits to pick up your life and move it to China to ...

Teaching English in China Video Podcast | Teach in China | ESL China Guide to University Teaching

by Austin In China
My Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/austinguidry Welcome to the Teaching English in China video podcast! If you like this, please go over to the separate ...

Teaching English in China

by bradley invierno
Another fun way to teach emotions. I used carrots because I noticed that my students like carrots, so I used them to practice other target words. The song?

How To Teach English in China

by Enter China
Reserve your spot at our FREE webinar: "The Hands Down Best Way to Find and Manage A Chinese Factory" Save your seat here: http://bit.ly/ecwebinaryt ...

Day in the Life Teaching English in Beijing, China with Aleese Horne

by International TEFL Academy
Interested in getting TEFL certified & teaching English abroad? Visit us at https://ita.fyi/MediaTEFLBrochure to find out more. In this video, see what it's like to ...

Is Teaching English In China a BAD Job?

by Prozzie
Does teaching English in China suck? There's a lot of things you need to ask yourself before finding out. Teaching ESL isn't for everyone. But if you can make it ...

Month 9 in China: A Day in the Life of an English Teacher at a Chinese University

by Teach English In China
This month's video is a day in Jennifer's life at university, including classes, shopping and a performance by her students. Watch all Jennifer's vlogs from China ...

Don't Teach in China!

by Nano Media
This video goes out to all the people out there that should not come to China to teach English. This country and the way it conducts business may agitate many ...

Teaching English in China? What You Need To Know

by ADVChina
Support us and the channel on Paypal! http://paypal.me/advchina So, you are bored back home. You heard that you can go to Asia, or China, with a TEFL ...

Making an introduction video esl teaching - TEACHING IN CHINA

by Mooncake English
Finding a job in China is easy, but finding a good one can be challenging. In this video, I tell you how to apply for a teaching job in China by going through the ...

Pros and Cons for Teaching English in China // 在中国教英语的经验

by Lena Elsborg
In this video I talk about the pros and cons for teaching English in China // Teach in China The Cons in This Video: - The Cheap Chinese Canteen Food is Not ...

A day in the life // TEACHING ENGLISH as a foreign language in CHINA

by IseeEuse
Teaching English abroad is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel around the globe. This is especially true in Asia where the demand for English ...

ESL- Teaching English in China

by Yana Sigitova
First year experience teaching elementary and middle school students in the south of China.

Teaching English in a Public School in China - Grade 5 - A full ESL Lesson - Matthew Van Orden

by Matthew Van Orden
JESIE teacher Matthew Van Orden teaches 5th grade students in Nanjing, China. Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange - JESIE Here's a video ...

My Salary in China Teaching English in 2020

How much can you earn as an English teacher in China? How much money can you make on an hourly basis as a part-time English teacher in China?

Teaching English in China to Kids - What it's Like

by Career China
What is it like teaching English to kids in China? Teachers living in China from all over give us their two cents. Interested in moving to China and finding out ...

Do I Need a TEFL to Teach English in China?

by Career China
Do I need a TEFL to teach English in China? We answer that and related questions as well as offering a discounted TEFL partner. Teach English Abroad in ...

How to find a job teaching English in China. Step by step process on how to get to China

by My Life Abroad: China
I am going to be putting together a series of videos about the entire process of how to come to China to teach English. I will show how to find a job, how to do the ...

Teach English in China REQUIREMENTS & How to find a job

by Julie T
As it seems to be of interest to quite a few of you, here's a video about what you need in order to work as an English Teacher in China and the easiest way to get ...

Why Teach English Abroad in China

by Career China
Teach English abroad in China TODAY by going to: https://careerchina.com Are you looking for the best place to teach English abroad? Teaching English in ...

Intro Video for Teaching English in China

by Marilyn Borth
Marilyn Borth's intro video for teaching English in China. Thank you for watching!:)

Teaching Tips for your First Lesson in China

by Teach English In China
This video is all about giving you some ideas for your first lesson in China to hopefully make you feel a little more confident. Any questions please put in the ...
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