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Castle Clash: TWO talents on ONE hero! - Update #1

Castle Clash: TWO talents on ONE hero! - Update #1

Castle Clash - Rolling 40K Gems for Harpy Queen & Talents

in this video i will roll more than 40k gems for the new hero harpy queen and roll some talents for my heroes

Castle Clash - Best talents on specific heros

Thanks guys for watching, feel free to correct me in the comments if youd like, and I hope to see you guys in the next video, bye.

Clash of Desert - Rolling 66 k gems for new talents and heros


Clash of Desert - Rolling 66 k gems for new talents and heros


Opening 10 Legendary Hero & 10 Lv5 Talent Cards

Hello everyone im on Taiwan server opening 10 of new lv5 talent cards also rolling some gems and opening 10 legendary hero cards Line id:malchishka Music . Ope...

【Castle Clash #99】Lets Kill Boss 4 & Information|城堡爭霸 新的聯盟王!!

Castle Clash Update Video again! This time my guildmates and I will try to kill the new Boss 4!! 城堡爭霸~今次更新還有新的聯盟王,四級王真的很變態!

【Castle Clash #149】New Hero Arctica Event & End of Guild War|城堡爭霸 新一年開始

This is the 1st day of 2016! Lets do the event and roll some gem. 城堡爭霸!新一年開始了!

Cheat Gems Fast In Castle Clash Android, Here is a New Castle Clash Gems Cheat With Results

Really its about time you cheat gems fast in the castle clash app, here is the results after using the new castle clash gems cheat, download: http://tinyurl.com...

UNGLAUBLICH - 71K GEMS auf HAUPTACCOUNT!! XXXL - Schloss Konflikt / Castle Clash

Ich bin ein echter lucker xd, in diesem Video verolle ich auf meinem eigenen Account 71K Gemms, einige Talente und einge Helden, ebenfalls öffne ich die Karten ...

CASTLE CLASH FR [#28] 10k de gemmes de Roll de Talent

clash of clans ;)

CASTLE CLASH FR [#27] Review de mon Compte+Roll de Talent

clash of clans ;)

Castle Clash 52 Level 5 Talent Chest Opening !!! MUST WATCH

In this video Im showing you guys a collection of all my level 5 talent chest opening in castle clash! I hope you like and enjoy this video ! if you did remembe...

Castle Clash: Epic 42000 gems Talent Roll!

Hey Guys here is an amazing Talent Roll Video with 30000 gems! Thanks for watching and Thumbs up!
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