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Meet 13-Year-Old Who Makes ASMR Videos for YouTube

by Inside Edition
Makenna Kelly couldn't sleep as she scrolled through YouTube, searching for something to help her focus and relax. That's when she stumbled upon ASMR.

Stop Dental Abuse - Inside Edition (CBS) Covers the Dr. Schneider Case

by Law Offices of John M. Phillips
http://www.stopdentalabuse.com - CBS's syndicated show Inside Edition covers dental abuse and the compelling case of Jacksonville dentist Dr. Howard ...

Who’s the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store?

by Inside Edition
A shocking video shows a customer at a New York bagel store losing it because he says women reject him over his height. The man, identified as Chris Morgan, ...

Woman Scalped When Long Hair Is Caught in Car’s Fan While Checking Under Hood

by Inside Edition
A mother is recalling the terrifying moment she was scalped when her long hair got caught in a car's fan belt. Alon Abare, who now wears a wig to cover her ...

Abandoned Dog With 46-Pound Tumor Gets Life-Saving Surgery

by Inside Edition
A dog named Henry with a 46 pound tumor on his belly was abandoned on a California beach last month, according to animal officers. It made walking difficult ...

Toddler From 1800s Found in Casket Under Home Last Year is Finally Identified

by Inside Edition
One year after a casket was found in a San Francisco backyard containing the perfectly preserved body of a little girl from the 1800s, researchers discovered her ...

Backpack Kid, Sperm Donor are Among Inside Edition’s Top YouTube Videos of 2017

by Inside Edition
This year brought on viral video trends more than ever. Backpack Kid has even more reasons to dance, because he's the most watched video of 2017 on Inside ...

Moms Say This Dentist Unjustly Pulled Children's Teeth and Even Hit Them!

by Inside Edition
Parents are furious at Dr. Harold Schneider because they claim the dentist allegedly tortured their children. One mom says her daughter was having one tooth ...

How Runaway Tires Can Kill on the Highway

by Inside Edition
Driving along a road with loose or damaged tires could cost someone their life. There are countless videos online showing tires ripping off cars or trucks, and ...

Bride Has Allergic Reaction to Flowers on Wedding Day

by Inside Edition
More from Inside Edition: https://www.youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition?sub_confirmation=1 On the biggest day of her life, a bride suffered an allergic ...

Are You Being Secretly Recorded on the Beach?

by Inside Edition
All over the internet there a photos and videos of women on the beach but many of those people have no idea that their images have been posted online.

Dangers of Flaming Drinks After Woman Catches On Fire While Having Shot

by Inside Edition
A woman got the fright of a lifetime when she went up in flames as she downed a shot of liquor in what is being called a dangerous and growing trend.

Watch The Effect Marijuana Has On Dogs After They Find Owners Stash

by Inside Edition
Videos of stoned dogs have been posted on YouTube and show what happens when people's precious pooches accidently eat food laced with pot. Now that ...

Watch The 7 Craziest Moments Caught on Camera This Year

by Inside Edition
The first half of 2015 has already been a whirlwind of heart stopping videos all caught on camera from around the world. INSIDE EDITION is taking a look at the ...

Man Grabs McDonald’s Worker for Having to Ask for a Straw

by Inside Edition
A simple drinking straw led to a wild brawl at a Florida McDonald's in St. Petersburg Monday. When a man in the restaurant was informed that drinking straws ...

From Tattoos to Dentistry: Watch The Craziest DIY Disaster Fails

by Inside Edition
You might think you're saving a buck or two by carrying out beauty treatments or home improvements yourself, but as these DIY videos show, you should ...

This Woman Can't Stop Laughing While Getting a Fish Pedicure

by Inside Edition
Jacqueline Wehmeyer got roped into a doing a fish pedicure, in which you dip your feet into water filled with garra rufa fish that peel off dead skin.

Who’s Behind the ‘Momo Challenge’?

by Inside Edition
The "Momo Challenge": Is it a dangerous social media game encouraging kids to take their lives or a recurring viral hoax? The bug-eyed girl known as Momo ...

Eyewitness Captures Terrifying Video From Middle of Baton Rouge Police Ambush

by Inside Edition
A trip to the car wash landed one man in the wrong place at the wrong time when shots rang out in the Baton Rouge siege that left three police officers dead.

11-Year-Old Girl Scalped From Carnival Ride Gets Wig For First Day of School

by Inside Edition
Three months after losing her hair and most of her scalp, 11-year-old Lulu Gilreath is ready for a new look. The Nebraska girl has become famous for her ...

Meet the Maine 15-Year-Old Allergic to Almost Everything

by Inside Edition
Martina Baker, a 15-year-old from Maine, needs service dog Keeva to help protect her from her severe and potentially deadly allergies. Martina suffers from a ...

Father Arrested For Leaving 5-Year-Old Daughter Alone At Night In The Cold

by Inside Edition
The father accused of abandoning his little daughter on a college campus in near-freezing temperatures has been arrested. On Friday, Ogden Police located ...

Coach Fired Over Agonizing Caught-on-Camera Cheerleading Split Shares His Story

by Inside Edition
More from Inside Edition: https://www.youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition?sub_confirmation=1 The coach who was fired after video emerged of a high school ...

Woman in Car Crash With Tracy Morgan: ‘I’m Traumatized'

by Inside Edition
The woman involved in a fender-bender with Tracy Morgan in Manhattan told Inside Edition she's "traumatized" by the collision. Morgan was seen on video ...

20-Year-Old Says Plan to Storm Area 51 Was Just a Joke

by Inside Edition
A 20-year-old college student is behind the plan to storm Area 51, and he is now saying the idea was just a joke. Area 51 is the top-secret Air Force facility long ...

Videos Emerge of Boy Tossed Off Bridge Riding Skateboard and Mom at House Party

by Inside Edition
A newly revealed video of the 4-year-old boy seen thrown from a bridge in Washington state has emerged, showing the child is no stranger to risky stunts.

These Are The Videos That Nearly Stopped Our Hearts In 2016

by Inside Edition
Video of a human chain saving a woman trapped in a car during flash flooding is one of many top heart stopping videos of 2016. In another video, strangers ...

Disney Channel Drops Actor Jake Paul As YouTube Video Pranks Continue

by Inside Edition
Jake Paul, 20, was reportedly in Miami when the fire department showed up to his West Hollywood home to put out a fire. When a photographer asked people ...

Wife Accidentally Burned By Husband Claims He Split Because He Couldn't Deal

by Inside Edition
Courtney Waldon and her husband, Mitch, were sitting by a campfire. The fire was dying out so Mitch threw gasoline on it to keep it going. But in the process, he ...

Michigan Girls Escape Suspected Kidnapper By Throwing Coffee at Him

by Inside Edition
Four brave girls who threw iced coffees and a Slurpee to escape an alleged predator are telling their story. Sisters Allison and Lauren Eickhoff, and two other ...

ICYMI - Inside Edition Reporter & Girls Gone Wild Videos

A reporter from Inside Edition tells of a story where his wife "somehow" gets copies of Girls Gone Wild sent to their home. "Uhm, honey, I have no idea how thes...

2:08 Why This Plastic Surgeon Posts Uncensored Videos From The Operating Table Inside Edition 46 хиљ. приказ 5:42 Homeless Man does Incredible act - Social Experiment! ComedyOn 322 хиљ. приказа 2:35 Cat Sitter Gets Caught On Home Surveillance Getti

Witness a touching moment a police officer kneels on his knees, and washes the feet of a homeless man during his shift. Sergeant Stephen Wick from the Houston P...

This Adorable Litter Of Dingo Puppies Will Melt Your Heart


These Are The Videos That Nearly Stopped Our Hearts In 2016

Video of a human chain saving a woman trapped in a car during flash flooding is one of many top heart stopping videos of 2016. In another video, strangers come ...

Candid Interview With Princess Diana To Be Broadcast In New Documentary

A new documentary will broadcast once-secret recordings of Princess Diana revealing intimate details of her life. "My parents, they never said they loved me," s...

Debunking Some of the Internet's Questionable Medical Myths

Home remedies are all over the internet and how-to videos rack up millions of views, but do they actually work? Some of the most popular are videos that claim s...

Boyfriend Gets Deputies To Pull His Car Over So He Can Propose To Girlfriend

Sometimes the call of duty is more than just pulling drivers over for traffic violations. In one case it was to help Jason DePalma propose. "It was just amazi...

OMG!!! Brave Girl inside Well of Death Bike Riding Stunt-Top Funny Videos-Top Prank Videos-Top Vines Videos-Viral Video-Funny Fails

OMG!!! Brave Girl inside Well of Death Bike Riding Stunt Link Of Video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x44z8o3_omg-brave-girl-inside-well-of most funn...

OMG !!! Cobra Found Inside House-Top Funny Videos-Top Prank Videos-Top Vines Videos-Viral Video-Funny Fails

Funny Whatsapp Video | WhatsApp Video Funny | Funny Fails | Viral Video Here you can watch most funniest videos,top funniest video,hot movie videos,funny vine...

Real Ghost Caught On Tape 2016 Scary Ghost Sighting Inside Zoo! Ghost Videos Real Ghost latest horror videos origional ghost videos 2016

Real Ghost Caught On Tape 2016 Scary Ghost Sighting Inside Zoo! Ghost Videos Real Ghost latest horror videos origional ghost videos 2016

L' INFERNALE [édition 2012] de l'interieur - Vidéo non officielle - From the inside HD

Course l'infernale 2012 / SERVANT dans le 63, film réalisé avec une petite camera familiale étanche HD KODAK PLAYSPORT. Musique et vidéo sous Licence Creativ...

Forensic Video Analyst Conor McCourt on Inside Edition, March 25 2015

Forensic Video Analyst Conor McCourt on Inside Edition, March 25 2015 Need new shirts ? http://ahshirts.com

Inside W - A Teaser of Artist Chloe Wise's Comedic Video Series for Daata Editions, Part 1

Part of a video series by the Canadian artist Chloe Wise, who has always had a knack for taking the piss out of the fashion and art worlds, for Daata Editions.

Live Woman Fight on Road || पुलिस वाले से लड़ी लड़की हुई खूब हाथा पाई || Live News INDIA

आगरा उत्तर प्रदेश :- आगरा ताजमहल के बाहर दिल्ली से आई लड़की ने ट्रैफिक पुलिस वाले से गाडी पार्किंग में कड़ी करने को लेकर खूब लड़ाई और हाथ पाई करने लगी इतने में पब...

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Game of the Year Edition - Inside Rocksteady: Voice Cast Video

CGRtrailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a behind the scenes video for the Game of the Year Edition of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY featuring the voice actors that...

Inside W - A Teaser of Artist Chloe Wise's Comedic Video Series for Daata Editions, Part 2

A teaser of the video series by the Canadian artist Chloe Wise, who has always had a knack for taking the piss out of the fashion and art worlds, for Daata Edit...

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION – Inside Rocksteady: Sound Effects Video

CGRtrailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a look at the behind the scenes work for the sound effects in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY from Rocksteady and WB Games. B...

Malay Aiman's Youtube Video Was Aired & Shown on Inside Edition PrimeTime USA National TV

There is a lot of people out there making youtube videos, some went viral and some did not. But what is more gratifying than seeing your own home-made video air...
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