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ICYMI - Inside Edition Reporter & Girls Gone Wild Videos

A reporter from Inside Edition tells of a story where his wife "somehow" gets copies of Girls Gone Wild sent to their home. "Uhm, honey, I have no idea how thes...

Man ‘Hits On’ Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander While Taping Segment

Female sports reporters covering the World Cup in Russia are being harassed on live TV. For some reason, rowdy men think it is fine to kiss women without their ...

Man ‘Hits On’ Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander While Taping Segment

Female sports reporters covering the World Cup in Russia are being harassed on live TV. For some reason, rowdy men think it is fine to kiss women without their ...

Should Reporters Put Themselves in Harm's Way During Hurricane Coverage?

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, many are asking whether reporters, journalists and storm chasers should be putting themselves in harm's way. One reporter latched...

Watch Sports Reporter Hilariously Fall in Pool During Live Interview

Mike Bushell, a sports presenter, was interviewing England Commonwealth Games swimmers Sarah Vasey, Adam Peaty, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor, Ben Proud and James Guy ...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wears Same Dress as Reporter to White House Presser

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and an NBC News reporter wore the same dress to Tuesday’s briefing. Sanders and NBC News reporter Kristen Wel...

Val Kilmer Says He’s Changed After Battling Cancer: ‘I Was Too Serious’

Val Kilmer opened up about his 2-year battle with throat cancer.

Reporters Get Battered by Wind While Covering Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence slams into the Carolinas, reporters have found themselves in the center of the story - and the storm. ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee w...

Melania Trump Spotted, 20 Days After Her Last Public Appearance

Melania Trump has finally been spotted, 20 days after she was last seen in public. The first lady was seen in the White House by CNBC reporter Eamon Javers. He ...

President Trump Says He Got ‘a Lot of Good Kisses’ for 72nd Birthday

The president went rogue Friday morning, telling White House reporters to keep quiet when he realized he was on his favorite TV show. ‘Fox and Friends’ was broa...

Colleagues Mourn 2 South Carolina Journalists Killed While Covering Storm

Two TV news journalists in South Carolina were tragically killed over the holiday weekend while covering a powerful storm. Anchor Mike McCormick and photojourna...

News Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Live TV Daydreaming

Oops! News anchor Natasha Exelby was caught off guard while doing a live news report in Australia. When the news segment ended she was caught spacing out while ...

Watch TV Reporter Return To Flooded Houston Home For First Time Since Evacuation

It was an emotional afternoon for a Houston reporter as she returned to her home following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Patricia Lopez took cameras alon...

TV Reporter Meets Baby He Helped Deliver During Harvey: 'A Chance To Smile'

In the midst of disaster there was a moment of delight. TV news reporter, Chauncey Glover, met the baby he helped deliver while covering Hurricane Harvey. Shae ...

Steven Fabian on Reporting Dangers: "You Never Know What's Going to Happen"

Inside Edition correspondent Steven Fabian has found himself in his fair share of sticky situations. From crawling on his elbows through a narrow tunnel to swim...

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Watch as TV Weatherman Gets Blown Away by Unexpected Gust of Wind

Watch as a weatherman gets blown away by an unexpected gust of wind. The Irish TV reporter never saw it coming! Still on the air afterward, the reporter tried t...

Missing Boy Found on Roof of Home by Reporter Covering His Story in Helicopter

An 11-year-old boy reported missing by his parents turned up in a most unlikely place Wednesday: Taking a nap on the roof of his house. The two-hour search came...

President Trump Taking Heat After Singling Out Reporter in Oval Office

President Trump is taking some heat for singling out an attractive reporter in the Oval Office Tuesday during an important meeting. "Where are you from? Come he...

The Reporters | Arif Hameed Bhatti | ARYNews | 23 January 2019

Guest: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad (Minister of Railways of Pakistan) Still stand firm on moving court against chairman PAC: Sheikh Rasheed Sheikh Rasheed antici...
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