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Inside Edition - The Weather Channel and Hurricane Emily


Blogger Believes Amelia Earhart Photo Was Taken Before Aviator Disappeared

The photo making headlines around the world showing what could have been Amelia Earhart after her disappearance is apparently not of her at all. The History Cha...

Expert Believes New Amelia Earhart Photo Is Not Her

A controversial photo said to show the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart is making headlines around the world, but a leading expert now says that is not the miss...

Bill Cosby Accuser Reveals Disturbing New Allegations In Sexual Assault Case

A new TV show is shedding light on the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby as alleged victims are speaking out. 'Exposed with Deborah Norville,' a new...

Shark Week Faces Backlash for Using CGI Great White in Michael Phelps Race

They never said he'd go head-to-head with the real thing, but when viewers tuned in to see Michael Phelps race a great white shark, many were disappointed. Folk...

Tiffany Trump Attends Wedding With Bill and Hillary Clinton

President Trump's daughter Tiffany attended a wedding in Manhattan with fellow guests Bill and Hillary Clinton. The president's time away from Washington has al...

Why Tawny Kitaen Wants Her 'D' Cup Breast Implants Removed

She was known as a sex symbol after her appearances in the 80's video "Here I Go Again" and as Tom Hanks' fianc

Cameron Boyce Remembered by Costars

Fans of Cameron Boyce are devastated after hearing the 20-year-old star has died. Boyce shot to fame on the Disney Channel, with prominent roles in "Jessie" and...

Rescuers Save 5-Year-Old Girls Stranded on Inflatable Swan

A Saturday at the beach turned into a terrifying ordeal for two 5-year-olds and their families. The girls were playing on an inflatable swan float attached to a...

Florida Police Struggle to ‘Arrest’ Trespassing Raccoon

Police in Sarasota, Florida, didn't think their most difficult arrest of the day would be a raccoon. Officer Ron Dixon with the Marine Division says he was call...

Here Are All the New Christmas Movies to Choose From This Winter

Get ready for non-stop Christmas movies! This year, there will be more than 80 new TV movies spreading holiday cheer. The Hallmark Channel alone is premiering 2...

How Did The Weather Channel Make This Hurricane Graphic?

The Weather Channel is attracting lots of attention for its eye-popping graphics that vividly illustrate the danger of storm surges. Viewers are loving the imag...

Madeleine McCann’s Parents Angered by Netflix Documentary

"We do not see how this ... will help the search for Madeleine, and, particularly given there is an active police investigation, could potentially hinder it," K...

Ethan Dolan 'Completely Fine' After Motorcycle Crash

Ethan Dolan says he is "completely fine" after a motorcycle accident left him hospitalized. His twin brother and fellow YouTuber Grayson Dolan shared a photo fr...

YouTube Star Ethan Dolan 'Completely Fine' After Motorcycle Crash

YouTube star Ethan Dolan says he is "completely fine" after a motorcycle accident left him hospitalized. His twin brother and fellow YouTuber Grayson Dolan shar...

Queen Elizabeth II's Bridesmaid Still Has Dress From 1947 Royal Wedding

One of Queen Elizabeth II's maids of honor still has her dress from the 1947 royal wedding, and it is a stunner. In an interview with the Smithsonian Channel, L...

WCBS Channel 2 News Bumper+Open May 1992 [from tvnutboy]

Here's a opening for Channel 2 News that aired on WCBS-TV in May of 1992. Credit goes to tvnutboy. ALL COPYRIGHTS ACKNOWLEDGED.

What You Really Get When Purchasing $45 Ugg Boots at Flea Market


Disney Channel Drops Actor Jake Paul As YouTube Video Pranks Continue

Jake Paul, 20, was reportedly in Miami when the fire department showed up to his West Hollywood home to put out a fire. When a photographer asked people standi...
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