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What "Inside Edition" Anchor Deborah Norville Eats In a Day After Losing 30 Pounds

"Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville decided that her lifestyle needed to change after getting a wake-up call during a routine blood pressure screening.

Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville Receives Prestigious Honor

Deborah Norville received one of the great honors of her life as she was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall Of Fame. "I'm from the South, we tell sto...

Will New Information About Missing TV Anchor Finally Solve 1995 Cold Case?

Anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit’s disappearance made national news in 1995, but no arrests were made, nor was a body found. Now, a new CBS News special is shedding...

What Matt Lauer’s Doing 1 Year After Being Fired from ‘Today’

A year ago, “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie made the stunning announcement that Matt Lauer was leaving NBC after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct we...

CBS Anchor Norah O'Donnell on How She Found Out About Her Skin Cancer

Norah O'Donnell has opened up about her skin cancer diagnosis, saying she received the news during a regular checkup with her dermatologist. The "CBS This Morni...

Hoda Kotb Officially Named Co-Anchor of 'Today' With Savannah Guthrie

NBC News has announced who will fill the 'Today' anchor chair after Matt Lauer's shocking exit and it's a face most will find familiar. Hoda Kotb, 53, will join...

Veteran News Anchor Amanda Davis Dies From Stroke on Way to Funeral at 62

Veteran news anchor Amanda Davis has died. Staff at her station, CBS46 News in Atlanta, Ga., reported on their loss during their newscasts. Davis was the mornin...

Matt Lauer Apologizes: 'There is Enough Truth in These Stories'

Matt Lauer has apologized, a day after being fired from NBC for what the network called "inappropriate sexual behavior." "There are no words to express my sorro...

News Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Live TV Daydreaming

Oops! News anchor Natasha Exelby was caught off guard while doing a live news report in Australia. When the news segment ended she was caught spacing out while ...

Watch What it Was Like for Deborah Norville to Become a Flight Attendant in 2010

Several years ago, Inside Edition's Deborah Norville discovered just how difficult it is to become a flight attendant at the Frontier Airlines training center i...

Pregnant TV Anchor Says Viewer Left A Mean Voicemail About Her Looks

The pregnant TV news anchor who was fat-shamed by a viewer says the comments felt like "a knife right through my heart." Laura Warren, who is due to have a baby...

Watch as TV Weatherman Gets Blown Away by Unexpected Gust of Wind

Watch as a weatherman gets blown away by an unexpected gust of wind. The Irish TV reporter never saw it coming! Still on the air afterward, the reporter tried t...

Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News For This Network

Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC. The Kelly File host was wooed away for an undisclosed amount of money, though Fox was reportedly offering her $20 milli...

Barbara Walters Prepares For Retirement

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke to TV legend Barbara Walters about her upcoming retirement from 50 years in television.

Megyn Kelly Gets Emotional Talking About Fox News Exit

Megyn Kelly reportedly turned down a $20 million offer to stay at Fox and is launching her own daytime talk show on NBC as well as a primetime Sunday night news...

CNN anchors debate Trump's 'bye-bye' remark

CNN's Alisyn Camerota and John Berman discuss how President Trump said "bye-bye" to end his meeting with Democratic leadership over border wall funding.

What Happened to CNN Anchor Erin Burnett’s Eye?

As Erin Burnett appeared on CNN Monday night, one question kept many viewers distracted from the news. What happened to her eye? Her right eye looked swollen du...

'GMA' Anchor Michael Strahan Loses Part of Pinky Finger

Michael Strahan returned to work Wednesday after missing a day at 'Good Morning America' because he lost part of a pinky finger. "I had a little accident," he s...

Fazal ur Rehman's official Page blurs any female anchors face when posting a video

Hafiz Hamdullah JUI F expressing his rational thoughts and insights on some of the very important daily Pakistan current affair with deep critic analysis in lat...

CBS News Anchor Charlie Rose To Undergo Heart Surgery

CBS This Morning's Charlie Rose will undergo heart surgery Thursday. The announcement came Wednesday morning on the show and his co-host Norah O'Donnell alerted...
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