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[Dubstep] Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary (Glacier Remix)


Dubstep Utada Hikaru Sanctuary Glacier Remix

Dubstep Utada Hikaru Sanctuary Glacier Remix

Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル - Sanctuary (Marrzaan Remix)


Kingdom Hearts-Sanctuary (Utada Hikaru English Version)

Kingdom Hearts-Sanctuary (Utada Hikaru English Version)

Kingdom Hearts - Sanctuary ( Utada Hikaru )

Kingdom Hearts - Sanctuary ( Utada Hikaru )

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 1: I have to choose again?

I guess I should have known better that the game would make me choose what I wanted to be again between offense defense and magic. What do I choose though? A...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 2: Job Hunting

Yup you heard me right, job hunting. We have to go job hunting in order to get more Munny. Was this even required? Who knows but one thing is for sure we are in...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 6: The Hero Awakens

Was I a bit too obvious with the title? I mean we all know that the hero that awakened was Roxas right? By the way on a random note I was thinking of maybe u...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 4: Struggle

Against these holy chains, SHINING BIND! No I'm just kidding. We're just doing the struggle tournament. And it's a rather interesting tournament I must say. ...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 5: The Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders of the World right? Nope not quite. It's just the Seven Wonder of Twilight Town instead. But hey that's got to be pretty amazing too right? ...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 40: Another Creation Gone Bad

What did you think I was talking about the MCP? Or Tron even? No of course not. I'm talking about something much bigger than the both of them combined! I'm talk...

Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 7: The Tower

No not the Tower of Salvation silly. We're talking about the Tower of Twilight Town here today. Didn't know they had one? Well that's too bad because they actua...

Beautiful Voices


Another side, another story

This is RoxasAWanderer from ~YOUTUBE~. I'll be adding my username to the list of usernames on my description box. I'll be uploading my videos in the order of my...

I-CON SF 2011: Anime Idol - Sanctuary

Event: I-CON Science Fiction (SF) at Stony Brook University (SUNY) Date: April 17, 2011 Anime Idol Song: Sanctuary From: Kingdom Hearts II (Main Theme of th...

doE Sanctuary SE 3 X 10 [2/5] posle

Full episode: http://newtvshowsonline.com/ Each webisode of Sanctuary follows the exploits of Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping - Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atla...

Colors~ Vocal + piano cover - Utada Hikaru (Utada United 2006 ver.)

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Kratos plays Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 42: The World that never was

This is it everyone. We are in the nobody stronghold the world that never was. What mysteries and traps await us here in the home base of our enemy? Next Ser...

Roxas Tribute

Le style de combat de Roxas
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