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Halo 3 Tricks -Anti-Gravity Vehicles

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Halo 3 - Golden Vehicles Glitch (REVISITED)

Today we're revisiting a classic Halo 3 glitch that let's you basically produce really cool screenshots of any vehicle in gold. Enjoy! Discord: https://disc...

Halo 3 Glitch - Forging people with vehicles

Halo 3 Glitch - Forging people with vehicles

civilian vehicles in halo 3 tutorial with narration

civilian vehicles in halo 3 tutorial with narration

Halo 3 Lego Vehicles

Halo 3 Lego Vehicles

Halo 3: Elite vs. 2 Vehicles

Yippie kai yay, motherfuckers!

Halo 3 - Anti-Gravity Vehicles Tutorial

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Halo 3 Vehicles

Halo 3 Vehicles

Halo 2 - Who's Flying The Phantoms?

We've seen who's been flying the phantoms in all the newer Halo games, now let's see who's flying them in Halo 2! Discord: https://discord.gg/xD59N6G Patre...

Halo 2 - Spongebob Pineapple Easter Egg (REVISITED)

Back when MCC first came out, a lot of people thought there was a pineapple in the middle of the lake on the mission Regret which some thought might've been a r...

Halo 3 - Getting The Blue and Red Co Op Elites Into Cutscenes

Bungie never showed the blue and red co-op elites any love in Halo 3 when it came to co-op cutscenes. But with this very simple trick, you can bring those elite...

Halo 5 - Flying FAR Out Of Any Map

With this special prefab combined with the overload glitch, you can fly far out of ANY map with no limits at all! Enjoy! Discord: https://discord.gg/xD59N6G...

Halo: Reach - Who's Flying The Phantoms?

Flying A Pelican: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq39NEllI70 We've already tackled this question in most of the other Halo games, now it's time to tackle it...

Halo 5 - Can You Destroy Pelicans?

Aside from Halo 4's Pelican mission and modding Halo 1, we never really get the opportunity to destroy Pelicans ourselves or even see them getting completely bl...

Halo 3 - Can Anything Break The Bubble Shield?

The bubble shield is a really strong defensive equipment in Halo 3 and it seems that shield is impenetrable. But is that really the case? Let's find out! Di...

Halo 5 - Secret Message On Soda Can Easter Egg (REVISITED)

With the visual enhancements of the Xbox One X, we can now get a much clearer look at the nutrition label easter egg in Halo 5! Discord: https://discord.gg/...

Halo 3 - The Half Infected Marine (REVISITED)

Previously I achieved this using mods and I also said the glitch didn't work on the Master Chief Collection either. But it seems I was wrong and I was finally a...

Halo 2 - Killing Unkillable Characters and Vehicles

There's several characters in Halo 2 that were totally invincible and couldn't be killed. Let's see what happens if we do kill them! Discord: https://discor...

Halo 3 - Who's Flying The Phantoms?

We've previously determined that in Halo 5, phantoms are piloted by grunts, while in Halo 4, they're piloted by Elites, and in ODST, pilots by grunts again. So ...

Halo 2 - Can Marines Use Active Camo?

In this video, we'll tackle the question of whether marines can actually use Active Camo in any way. Discord: https://discord.gg/xD59N6G Patreon: https://w...
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